Monday, 27 February 2012

Kit Killing

Kit killing is very popular at Studio Calico. There are a number of scrappers there who use up all their kits each month and are waiting eagerly for their next one to arrive to start creating again. I am not that kind of crafter. I wish I was but I am slow, have very limited time in which to create and tend not to use huge amounts of patterned paper on my layouts. 

That said, today is a bit of a red letter day for me as my County Fair kit from January has only two pieces of patterned paper and two pieces of card stock remaining with some embellishments rattling round in the box. I cannot say I love all my layouts from this kit or that it was my favourite set of papers but by the end of the week this kit will be gone. I am working very hard to use up my older kits but have decided to use up my current kits as they come and then hit the older ones. It enables me to take some inspiration from the current member gallery at Studio Calico and to do something with the pictures I want to preserve.

This layout was another very quick effort completed while Scarlett napped. I wanted to use one of the chipboard prize ribbons but felt the patterns on them were not quite right so I covered one with washi tape. I may go back and redo this as it is a bit rough around the edges but I am happy to have tried something new with my chipboard. I think I saw this technique on one of the recent Glitter Girl episodes on Two Peas.

The journalling just states that this was my first time driving in Singapore and that Tet took the photo. This also reminds me I need to drive again soon as I have only driven a couple of times since!

I am in the midst of a massive laundry drive here as we are off to Japan on Friday. I have been looking out all our winter clothes, many of which have not been worn since we went to Japan last year. My new coat has arrived from Lands End so I will not freeze like I did last year. Scarlett has outgrown all her winter clothes from last trip but I have been gradually topping up her winter wardrobe so we should be good. Tet bought our Tokyo Disney tickets last night so we are all set!

I am a little worried about going overseas  while in the early stages of Weightwatchers but at least most Japanese food is pretty healthy. Points counting will be out the window but I am hopeful that I will be doing plenty of walking. My aim is to come home within a kilo of the weight I leave. I will let you know how I get on. I am nearly at the end of my fourth week on the pro points system and have lost 3.4 kg or 7.5 pounds as at last Wednesday. I am stoked with that. 

I hope everyone is having a gentle start to their week. It has rained here most of the day so we have had a quiet day at home.



  1. Cute page Claire! :) Have a great time in Tokyo Disneyland. I'm actually FROM Singapore but don't live there anymore so your stories are interesting to me :) :)

    1. Oh cool. I have lived here off and on since 1982... more off than on but this is my 13th year here I think. We really enjoy it!

  2. That's a good reason to use up your current kits!

  3. Hey Claire - just noticed that you're sitting in a familiar position in the car.... so they drive on the left in Singapore too? Didn't know that :)

    would love to hear how you get on at Tokyo Disney... that would be a different experience I would have thought.

    Good luck on your WW - I've been doing it since Oct so can relate to your goal of keeping it real while on holiday :)

    1. Yes we drive on the right side of the car! Thankfully as the traffic is a lot heavier than I am used to. I don't think I would manage with the other side of the car along with everything else!
      Yes I expect Tokyo Disney will be an experience. I just hope Scarlett gets enough rest on Friday night (sleeping on the plane) and Saturday night (in the first hotel) to cope with her busy Sunday. Oh well - if it gets too much we will leave and try again next year.