Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Champagne Brunch Is My Weakness

We spent a very pleasant afternoon on the island of Sentosa on Sunday. Our guests are big fans of the Sunday Champagne Brunch which is a very popular offering among the five star hotels here. I put out a request on Facebook for some ideas on where to go this time and The Sentosa Resort was suggested. I am so glad we booked there!

When we first got to the car park we were greeted by an amusing sign.

We kind of thought they were overstating the case but when we walked onto the terrace of the restaurant we were greeted by this sight.

The best sight of the day was shortly after when one of the waiters was chasing after an over eager peacock with a long cane to scare it with in one hand and a bottle of French Champagne in the other. It was more than a little surreal and I wish I had managed to take a photo.

The brunch is held in a lovely restaurant with a mixture of indoor and outdoor tables. It has been very hot so we went for indoors with plenty of AC but this is the view from outdoors.

I did not take a huge number of photos of the food but it was superb. I have been to brunches with a wider variety on offer but everything was delicious. There were no filler items just the best quality food. I really enjoyed the dessert buffet and the Spit Roasted Suckling Pig but really it was all an absolute treat.

Scarlett had a wonderful time. There were loads of her favourite foods and she enjoyed eating her own ice cream cone after a big helping of savoury delights. We later found the children's room where they had a DVD station, a Wii set up, lots of toys, a kids buffet including a popcorn cart and Cotton Candy. Everything thought through so well.

This was the first of too many helpings of food. The lobster tails were so delicious, beautiful soba noodles and I had a really piggy helping of Japanese pickles which are one of my favourite foods. 

Fruity dessert - truly delicious
There was a table groaning under the weight of air flown French cheeses and another covered in about twenty different types of breads. You can see one of the three desert areas behind Scarlett in the picture above. Spoilt for choice was an understatement.

We waddled back to the car and were very pleased to have a nap when we got home. After our nap we headed out to a local food court for dinner. I really had no appetite so I shared a platter of fresh fruit with hubby and Scarlett and then followed it up with a Mango Ice Kachang. This dessert is simply shaved ice covered in flavoured syrups and evaporated milk with a selection of red bean, longans and jelly underneath. This one was greatly improved by the addition of fresh mango pieces.

Light and delicious. Just what the doctor ordered after an afternoon of overindulgence.

So we have decided we will be having our Christmas lunch at The Sentosa this year. It is not a cheap meal out but as an occasional treat is a wonderful thing.


  1. you should try Cheng Tng if you haven't already! ask the hawkers! the best is at Bedok Food Ctr near Bodok Army camp :)

  2. That sign is awesome! My husband was in Singapore last year for business and loved it! I'd love to visit...that restaurant looks amazing! :)

  3. Oh my! What a fantastic place! I'm jealous... :)

  4. Wow, it all looks so good!! Looks like you had an amazing time

  5. Ha, that is crazy! Love your post, I would LOVE to know more about life in Singapore!