Monday, 9 July 2012

One Quick Layout

Wow! This past weekend has just flashed by. We caught up with three lots of visitors between now and last Wednesday and two lots stayed with us. I dim sum brunched, champagne brunched, tour guided, celebrated hubby's 39th birthday and now I need another weekend to recover!

Who could complain about spending a weekend with this gorgeous pair?

All this reconnecting and eating has made a lot of memories, clogged my instagram feed (sorry those who endured my over sharing) but resulted in precious little scrapping! I did manage to work on one layout on Friday while my guest and daughter napped so I will share that with you. We still have people staying indefinitely with us at present while they decide whether to go to London and Paris or to just head home to Kobe (... I know what I would choose) so my creative time is going to be limited. At least I will have loads of photos for Project Life.

This is my first proper layout from the So Cal kit.I loved this paper on sight and the photo seemed to work well with it. My daughter has always been mad on mirrors and this has not changed as she has grown older. I love this photo my hubby snapped of her admiring her own reflection. I just added in some of those gorgeous muse woodgrain Thickers, SC veneer stars, a doily and some of the cute die cutes included in the kit and called it done! I am in love with the orange Tim and Beck letters too. So cute and the mix of fonts is perfect!

I hope you all had great weekends and those in the States are not melting away in those 40 degree days! 35 is about my limit!


  1. Wow, you have been a busy girl! Sounds fun :) Give me a holler when you are guest free and bored. Looking forward to our coffee date ;) LOVE the picture on the layout! Extra love the layout itself. You have a gift! BTW, I found a scrapbook store the other day! You probably already knew about it, but I was so happy, I almost cried ;)

  2. Oh this is so gorgeous. Love it!!

  3. Such a pretty layout and boy you have been busy:

  4. Love the paper you chose for that photo!!

  5. Your layout is gorgeous! I love that paper soo much!

  6. Fun layout! ! Love the whimsy of the scattered stars.