Monday, 16 July 2012

Blog Block

I spent a couple of hours trying to write a post for Friday last week and failed. I wrote quite a lot but it all seemed like self indulgent drivel. It will remain in draft form as a reminder to myself that sometimes it is better to say nothing! You can thank me later!

It did include a photo of a delicious Mocha Caramelatte though which I will resurrect as it tasted as good as it looks. I wonder if Miss S could be persuaded to take a walk after her nap?

I have killed my 35mm kit. There are still a lot of those mistable hexagons which I won't use and the Heidi Swapp mistable banners which I probably will. Otherwise there are odd bits and pieces and one MME paper that I adore but cannot find the right photos for and that is really about it. I made my final layout with some pictures from our 2011 Japan trip.

The photos are more than a little overwhelmed by the camera print paper but I am glad to have the story behind these pictures recorded. I spent a lot of time wandering around these parks that trip, as Scarlett would only nap in her pram and would wake up every time I took her inside a warm building. I spent hours walking around trying to keep warm and Scarlett asleep. These quiet spaces with interesting art work or religious statures were a welcome distraction.

I am midway through a print order for the photos we took on holiday in New Zealand back in December and January. I completed a December daily with instax photos but I have not scrapped any photos from this trip or indeed printed them out! I apologise that my Christmas themed papers might just be getting a workout over the next little while. It will be good to have these photos in my hands and to work on a collection of pages with some cohesion. Have you got any big projects waiting for your attention?


  1. i have never killed a kit before. *hangs head in shame* ... so YAY you!!

  2. Congrats on killing the kit! I think the pops of red really add to this layout!

  3. Fun page! Well done, with the kit killing :)