Thursday, 22 March 2012

Project Life: an update

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything much about Project Life. I am behind but only in so far as I am working on the weeks when we were in Japan at present, so not horrendously so I guess. We are having some serious additional pages in for the Japan trip... I am okay with that. I think it is more important to get the photos printed and journalled somewhere than to quibble about more than a double paged spread per week. To be honest, we did more in 12 days in Japan than we usually do in 12 weeks in Singapore so there is quite a lot to record.

The most exciting thing for me is how much Tet and Scarlett enjoy this project too. Tet is actively taking photos while on his work trips and even keeping notes on what he does. He does all my photo printing too which is a big job. Scarlett loves looking through the album and I am getting over the fact that she has borrowed and lost a pocket's contents! Fortunately I have photos so I will be able to replicate what was there!

This was a pretty quiet week. We went for our regular Saturday sushi lunch and I took quite a few photos on this visit. There is also a picture of the pathway running along the Singapore River that we walk along at least once a week. The journalling is about the sushi. I just grabbed some bits from my Project Life box so there is some Amy Tangerine lettering and I think the patterned paper is a Studio Calico one.

During the same week Tet spent a couple of days in Taiwan, including about six hours at Taipei Airport waiting for his flight home. The coffee cup is a special Lunar New Year one from the only place in the airport with free wifi he could find. He spent a lot of time in there. There are also some shots of Tet and Scarlett in the bath, out for lunch and Scarlett checking out my PL album. Again I think those are Studio Calico papers and the journalling spots are Martha Stewart that were sent to me in a stash exchange. I love them! Thanks Michelle.

I challenged myself to try all the page protector sizes initially and I have come to the 4 6x6 protector page. I decided to record some of the more frequent things Scarlett says to us. While they are familiar now I am sure her quotes will be forgotten in a year or two so I am glad they are recorded. My favourite is how she tells us she "love you too much" when she means much too. Some of the alphas have slipped a little so I need to go back and refix them I think.

This page is all photos of Tet's three nights in Bangkok. He has yet to update the journalling hence the blank labels but he assures me he will do it before he heads back there next week. He has included a Thai Coke Zero can (his drink of choice while away), some buns his assistant bought from a road side stall, an amazing lantern and the inflight entertainment system on his flight home tuned to his favourite band. An eclectic mix of photos. I used a 6x6 paper pad for the backgrounds - all from the Teresa Collins Everyday Moments pad.

There are lots of little stories from the week on the opposite page. We went to an Open Day at Scarlett's new Preschool and decided it was the place for her. We went on a play date, saw a new bridge being built on our walk by the river, bought a special cupcake on Valentines Day and tried a new mall. This page is made entirely from the Clementine edition of Project Life  and I really like how it turned out.

I have another complete week but I think this post is long enough already! Hope you have enjoyed looking at my pages. They are nothing startling artistically but they are a really good record of how we have been passing the time recently. I just love this project! I hope those of you who are working on it feel the same way.

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  1. This looks wonderful...your daughter is just so cute! I love it for being able to look back...really is a treasure!