Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Wow! I have been a bit slack the past few days but things have been very full on at AIS HQ.

Scarlett had her first day at school (well pre school) on Friday and it went really well. She loved every minute of it although by the time I picked her up she was exhausted. She behaved exactly as we had predicted which was nice. There were no tears or fuss, in fact she told me to go within minutes of getting to school. My only real complaint is she absolutely refused to have her photo taken so we have no record of her first day. 

We have had our good friends down from Kuala Lumpur for the weekend and we have spent lots of time with them. It has been lovely to catch up as we realised it has been four months since their last visit!

Prior to their arrival Tet, Monkey and I went down to Marina Bay to check out the iLight exhibition. It is a collection of sustainable light installations all around the bay. It took us a good couple of hours to walk the route and it was well worth it. It runs until April 1 so if you are in the neighbourhood I would totally suggest you check it out.

The sunset that night was beautiful. I love the colour on the water of the bay.

The Singapore skyline at night is pretty stunning.

One of my favourite installations was these deck chairs. They lit up whenever anyone sat on them. The colours were stunning.

Some of the surrounding buildings got in on the act.

This installation from New Zealand called Light Box was my favourite. There were all sorts of short films and images flickering across the various containers. It was quite mesmerising.

These were Scarlett's favourite. They were more her scale and she could touch them. They reminded me of undersea creatures.

Even Singapore's national symbol, the merlion, was all aglow with the festivities.

I hope this gave you a little taste of the installations on display. It was great and something that all three of us really enjoyed.

I had planned to share a little more but technical difficulties have meant that I have been working on this post for nearly six hours so I will call it a day.


  1. that's beautiful!! i wanna go so bad.. will have to check our schedules!!

  2. very very cool pictures!!! Such a colorful celebration.