Thursday, 1 March 2012

Photo a Day Challenge for March

I am definitely jumping on the band wagon a little late with the photo a day challenge but Project Life has really inspired me to take more photos. Lots of them will never be used and many will be deleted but it will mean that our life is being recorded.

Fat Mum Slim has been running an awesome monthly list of suggested topics and I am going to follow it and attempt to regularly post the results here.  Have a wee look at her list and join in the fun!

The word for today is Up. Monkey and I went for a lovely walk along the river this morning and I took several shots looking up at the trees and tall buildings. The final photo I took turned out to be the one I have chosen though. Two men up on the roof of a building cleaning it down. If I had not been looking up I would never have seen them.

I know I am not the world's best photographer and I only have a point and shoot camera but I am hoping the more pictures I take the better I will become.

I am linking this post up to the Fat Mum Slim blog and if you are taking part the link for doing so is here.

Have a great first day of March.


  1. VERY interesting. Keep shooting -- if you are enjoying it, that is all that matters!