Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Who knew?

One of the hardest things about my recent trip home was being away from Tet for our wedding anniversary. We got married on the 19th of December 2004 so this year was our seventh wedding anniversary. It was also the first one we spent in different hemispheres.

We had grand plans of having a meal out in Christchurch together once Tet arrived but nothing came of that. The quakes have closed a lot of restaurants, so those that remain open have reservations needed weeks ahead. 

I did manage to talk to Tet on the day but he was very busy with a project. I just assumed it was something around the house or maybe work related. He then sent me an email with a couple of attachments the following morning.

The first was this: 
I have been complaining for a while that our house looks like no one lives here as we have not put any art on the walls at all. Apparently someone was listening and framed some photos of Scarlett's photo shoot from late 2010. I love these photos and I am excited to be able to put them up as the start of our portrait wall.

The second attachment was this:

Yes, my husband who has a passing interest in my scrapbooking but no more, decided to make his first scrapbook layout. He raided my stash ( and very thoughtfully used lots of things I was never likely to use myself) and got stuck in and completed this layout. I was so touched. 

The photo is from our babymoon to the States in 2009. We had just spent a few hours in Yosemite National Park and were driving out heading to Mammoth Lakes when we saw a beautiful lake glistening by the side of the road. We got out and took a few photos. It was such a happy day and I am thrilled to have it recorded. Lots of the embellies on the layout have special significance for us and our past.

Tet said it was the hardest art project he has ever done - it took him the best part of five hours. I have been told it is highly unlikely there will be a repeat performance but he does have a greater appreciation of what I do in my spare time. I guess this just confirms to me that I am totally married to the right guy!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. aww... the layout is so sweet. Yes you got yourself a good one.

  2. OMG Claire... He's a KEEPER!! for sure!! how sweet is that!! awwww....awwwww

  3. OMG! Soooo sweet!!! What a great hubby!! Can I get him to talk some creativity into mine perhaps?!

  4. That's so awesome!! My hubby made me a very simple album one year for Valentine's. It is so sweet when they put that much thought in to our gifts.

  5. ohmygooddness! That is the SWEETEST THING EVERRRR!

  6. seriously that is so sweet! what a keeper! you have a great man there!