Monday, 30 January 2012

Mummy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow...

Well that is what I was singing the night before our zoo trip last Monday. We are so lucky that Singapore has one of the best zoos in the world. We all enjoy going especially Scarlett who is an animal nut! Her favourites are the giraffes, the monkeys and the elephants. Fortunately the zoo has dozens of different monkeys and apes and a number of them are free ranging round the zoo which is pretty exciting.

I have to admit that the journey to the zoo was a little bit stressful for me as it was the first time I have driven in Singapore. It is about a half hour journey from our house so it was a good chance to get used to the car, the GPS and the motorway. I come from a city which does not really have motorways so it was a bit scary. It was also the quietest day of the year in terms of traffic being the first day of Chinese New Year so it was the best time to bite the bullet and have a go. Tet took a photo to record the moment.
Please ignore the nearly white knuckles!

We spent a couple of hours wandering round the animal exhibits and saw a sea lion show and part of the domestic animals show. It was pretty warm by this stage so we stopped by the water play area at the zoo. This is a fantastic free water park with lots of small slides, water blasters, climbing frames and a giant bucket that drenches everyone around. It is right at the back of the zoo and usually full of kids and their parents. I decided not to bring my togs but Tet and Scarlett got changed and spent a lovely hour playing in the water.

Scarlett watching the pygmy hippos

 We then had a bit of a run around in the dry playground before heading to the lovely zoo animal carousel. Scarlett had decided giraffes are her favourite this particular day so it was easy for her to choose which animal to ride on.

Riding the giraffe

It is a gorgeous old fashioned carousel

Finally we got to the main event enclosure (as far as Scarlett was concerned) and saw the giraffes. Our wee monkey was pretty tired by this stage. We had been at the zoo for over four hours so Daddy decided he would carry her out to the front gate. It was just as well as she was asleep in his arms within a couple of minutes. We decided to have lunch later and put sleeping beauty into the car seat. She slept for a good 90 minutes so we did a great job of wearing her out.

It was a great day out although I did manage to get sunburned. That will teach me for forgetting to wear a hat!

On a crafty front I am making headway on week one of Project Life. I hope to have some pictures for you by the end of the week. Scarlett has been sick since Thursday so free time has been in very short supply!

And in the interests of accountability I have finally signed back up to Weightwatchers. I will be doing it online this time and plan to start on the first. January was the month to move more which has been less successful than I had hoped. February is the month to eat better and really start taking better care of myself. I have an enormous amount of weight to lose but have set my goal as 5 kg (11 pounds for those playing in the non metric system) and will try and lose it in smaller chunks with a decent reward at the end of each 5 kgs. The first reward will be a facial and massage at the Bliss Spa in our local Sephora store. Surely that will be enough motivation!

Hope you all have a happy week.


  1. That zoo looks awesome, we are zoo people too and visited 2 this holiday. Oh and too funny i am looking to shift 5kg that i put on last year so i have been on my treadmill last 2 nights and have been eating better and no hot chocolates in sight :) good luck to us both

  2. Good for you for driving!!! BRAVE! Great photos! Looks like a fun day.

  3. Sounds like an amazing zoo!
    It seems very similar to ours here from your photos.
    We go to our zoo a lot!

    Sorry your daughter has been sick!
    Hope she feels better soon!!

  4. Great photo's!
    Good luck on your journey. I love the weight watchers plan as well.