Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jumping on too many band wagons

I am not sure if anyone else has this issue but I find this time of the year makes me really enthusiastic to get involved and try new things. Sadly the enthusiasm wanes and time gets scarce and slowly one by one these great ideas get abandoned. I know all this about myself and yet, once again, I have decided to try a lot of new things this year.

 Like every other scrapbooker in the universe I am starting Project Life this year. Unlike all those January 1st keen beans I am waiting until Chinese New Year as we were overseas at the start of 2012. I still liked the idea of starting at the beginning of the year though... I just chose the Year of the Dragon. I am planning on getting my title page underway tonight and hopefully finished by the weekend. Normally it would not take me too long but jetlag is a real issue with out daughter at present and sleep is a very scarce commodity. The latest I have gone to bed since we returned from New Zealand is 8.30. Oh the shame!

I have also decided to attempt One Little Word this year. This project really speaks to me and my word came to me very easily - health. I have really not made looking after myself a priority over the last twelve months and that really needs to change. I am working to change one small thing each month and build up to a healthier me. We would really like to expand our family this year and for that to happen I need to weigh less, eat better, move more and generally make myself a priority. January's focus is to move more. This is not too hard as much of the last year involved no movement at all. Weather permitting I am going to try and get out and walk everyday or swim as the monsoon comes to an end and the condo pool warms up a little. 

I am super excited about the January prompts Ali has posted. I cannot wait to get stuck in and make a start on the album. I need to get to my LSS and see if I can get any of the correct page protectors. I struggled online to find some of the supply list so my album may have to be a bit less "just so" and a bit more about making do with what is available in Singapore locally.

Finally I have also signed up for Cathy Zielske's Move More Eat Well 2012. I think this ties in so nicely with my general aims for the year that I would be foolish not to take the class. Again the initial info looks really great. Again I am on the hunt for supplies... there seems to be a theme! I have bever scrapbooked 8 x 11 before and both Ali and Cathy's classes are in this format...

Did I mention I have also signed up for Amy Tan's class at Studio Calico starting in February for making the most of your main kit? I cannot wait! I have many untouched main kits and I really want to get some of them well and truly dealt to this year. Ditto my lovely hubby who did point out just how much money I have been spending on supplies. No new purchases until I get rid of a good portion of stash, main kit aside at any rate.

I fully intend to bore you all with a selection of holiday snaps from our recent trip home to New Zealand but they need to be transferred onto this computer first!

I would love to hear what classes and projects you are all embarking on in 2012. I am hoping you will keep me somewhat accountable!


  1. Wow you've got a full plate! I'm doing Project Life this year and I will be doing A Week in the Life 2x this year and killing more kits! I got 2 kits killed just before Christmas, and I have about 6 more to go!!!!

  2. No classes for me evn though the Amy Tan class sounds very intriguing! And I'm one of the few that is not doing PL! I know I'd never finish it so I'm not going to even try! Good luck with yours!

  3. It's as if I could have written part of your post. I too get so excited and ready to do new things or a lot more and then lose a little interest. But it is the overall that matters (as I tell myself this too). I think it's great you're taking the classes and the types of classes you are taking sound like they go perfectly for what you are feeling this year.

    And I LOVE that you will start your PL at Chinese New Year! Clever idea...I really like that and may consider that for next year.

  4. Same here! The new year always make feel like a need to re-do my life! I never keep up w/ it all though, good luck to you!

  5. Wow, you do have a lot going on!! Good luck!

  6. ha! that's a lot on your plate! i only have project life, general scrapbooking and maybe will try to sneak in some stitching time - looking at mermaids this time. still haven't decided on which! ... good luck!! we should meet up sometime!!

  7. I have realised that if I do not get the Monkey into pre school that the wheels are going to fall off these projects in a big way. I think I need to start doing some school visits!
    Danielle I totally hope to be killing some kits too. I really want to stop stressing about all the supplies I have building up and start making a serious dent in them.
    Sasha I would love to meet up! Keep your fingers crossed that I can find a good programme three mornings a week for Scarlett otherwise it might involve chasing a 22 month old around a location of your choice!