Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stephanie Howell's Virtual Crop

I love Stephanie's blog. I look forward to seeing her latest creations and the amazing pictures she shares of her four gorgeous girls. After a massive move from Georgia to Rhode Island, instead of taking a deep breath after unpacking all her belongings, she has kindly hosted a virtual crop. This lady is amazing!

I have never attended a real crop so I really enjoyed having a look at all the beautiful things created by the other people taking part. I am almost embarrassed to share my efforts but they are what they are!

I have been working hard to finish up all the bits and pieces left in my Elmwood Park kit as I am not allowing myself to play with my Summer of 69 goodies until this one is gone. I am still working through the enormous pile of prints from my New Zealand holiday and this layout is another one to add to the holidays scrapbook.

We have dubbed this trip the playground tour of New Zealand as I do not think a day went past that we did not visit a playground of some sort. This one is a playground from my childhood too. The Botanic Gardens in Christchurch has a great playground and swimming pool. Normally in December the pool would be full of squealing children but it was 7 or 8 degrees that day. Yes in December - summertime in New Zealand. People were giving me funny looks about Scarlett being in a scarf and hat but we only flew in from 30 plus degree Singapore a couple of days before and she was cold!

The second challenge I decided to take up was a tag. I don't usually make tags and this tag needed to have some stamping on it. I pulled out a stamp from my Summer of 69 kit that looked a bit like ribbon. As you can see there is a reason I rarely stamp and make tags.

Even with the stamp press and several false starts (you should see the back!) it was awful! Some people should not stamp and I think I am one of them. I really love these Jenni Bowlin labels so I thought that might be a saving grace. The string bow and a MME brad finish it off. You can stop laughing now!

I wish I had had time to do something else to include but it was not to be! I really enjoyed this crop and hope that I can take part in another one soon.


  1. I don't make tags but I love the look of them and yours looks great.

  2. Love that you did this challenge too. Most of my pages were already half done and just needed journaling spots added on or something, lol. I love the quadrant page, great use of paper! Your daughter looks so adorable all bundled up :)

  3. These look awesome!
    I've never gotten the hang of stamping either. Even though I seem to buy stamps all the time! Go figure.

  4. It was a fun virtual crop with easy challenges!! Lol I love your tag!!

  5. you are a DEAR love for saying such kind things about me. thank you. and i have to say that i really love the design of the page. and the tag is precious too. big hugs! xoo