Thursday, 2 August 2012

Silly Aunty Punzel

My sister Anne loves being an Aunty and regularly complains about the fact that we live so far away. When she does get the chance to spend time with her niece she certainly makes the most of it. We have a load of photos of her wearing Scarlett's clothes and generally acting like a little girl herself.

Lately, Anne has been growing her hair and has been encouraging Scarlett to call her Aunty Rapunzel. Now she is known as Aunty Punzel, as Rapunzel is a bit of a mouthful when you are two.

This layout is mainly from SC's Elmwood Park with a little of the Twisty Slide add on thrown in. I have also added in some OA tidbits and letter stickers from the Cakewalk collection and some MME brads. Is it wrong that the Doo Dads and Tidbits are the things I am most excited about with the new OA collections? Althoughthe washi and letter stickers are also pretty exciting!

Monkey is down for an early nap today so she can catch up with her best buddies. They are off to Australia for their Aunty's wedding so we won't see them for a few weeks. Expat children have very full passports!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love the design! Precious as usual!

  2. What a sweet photo. Love your embellishment clusters!

  3. Aunty Punzel? Thats way too cute :)

  4. VERY sweet and great story to put down on paper!

  5. To cute, the page and story. Auntie's are the best. You should totally submit your pages to magazines. For reals! I will be seeing you next Friday! :)