Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Doctor Week

We have been waiting for today for absolutely ages. Scarlett has finally got her appointment at the Paediatric Dermatologist so that we can get some answers about her terrible eczema. In true Scarlett fashion, her skin is much better than it has been for weeks this week. Hopefully they will still run the tests and determine what the allergy is that is triggering everything.

We have been advised by a couple of pharmacists that it is likely environmental as it is only on her body and not her face. This makes sense as her canola allergy caused red splotches all over her face. Unfortunately we cannot find anything that fits the time line that has changed. Most of our cleaning products are green. It is all a bit of a mystery. I am just hoping that it is not the cat!

On Monday, Tet and I have our annual physical. I really do not enjoy the poking and prodding but it does give you a little peace of mind when the results are good. If only they had overweight Kiwi sized gowns!

I was hoping to illustrate this post with some photos of Miss S but she was not in the mood for cooperating with Mummy today.

So instead here is my favourite piece from the Singapore Art Museum's Art Garden exhibit. Origami plants in a black lit room. Just stunning!

And the obligatory Scarlett shot. She was grumpy waiting for her lunch on Sunday. Thank goodness for technology!


  1. dr office visits are never fun! hope they find out what is going on...
    i love the pic of your daughter. so cute and it is real life.
    the origami photo is stunning!

  2. Hope you get some answers!!! Good luck!

  3. Hope it all goes well at the doctors xxx

  4. I hate it when that happens - I always miraculously get better right as I'm going to see the doctor. Hope you get some good answers.

  5. Good luck at the doctors! My kids always miraculously feel fine once I get them to the doctors office! It's so frustrating!

  6. Hope you got some answers today, or at least on the way to some answers!