Friday, 24 April 2015

Currently April 2015

I first saw the Currently List on Kristin's blog and have seen it elsewhere in various forms. I thought it might be a good way to show what is happening around here at the moment. I found the list I finally went with on Pip's beautiful crochet and so much more blog and will link this up there.

Making : A final push on my alphabet cross stitch sampler so that I can start the monthly Frosted Pumpkin sampler that I cannot wait to start. 

Cooking : A chocolate Anzac slice in anticipation of the 100th anniversary tomorrow

Drinking : Too much espresso and sparkling water

Reading: How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer and The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh - I am enjoying the latter more

Wanting: A proper oven instead of a convection microwave

Looking: For a new apartment with a proper oven and dishwasher

Playing: Way too much Criminal Case and a lot of Spot It with the small girl

Deciding: Where I want to go for my birthday meal

Wishing: We had a good holiday planned for the small girl's 5 week break

Enjoying: The sun on my skin during the current hot season

Waiting: For a couple of my requested books to come into the library

Liking: How affectionate our 9 year old Maine Coon is becoming as she gets older

Wondering: If my daughter will ever sleep the whole night in her own bed for more than one night at a time

Loving: The fact that next weekend has four days

Pondering: Whether we should brave the holiday weekend traffic and go to Legoland to see the big Star Wars exhibit that my husband would love (I still have not watched any of them)

Considering:If I should join the gym or just get back into walking

Buying: Postcards to send to my Postcrossing recipients - who knew they would be so hard to find in Sg

Watching: The Blacklist - I have loved James Spader for too many years and he just keeps getting better

Hoping: I can find a job that gives us enough family time and some income

Marvelling: At the amazing job my daughter's Prep teacher does

Cringing: At the thought of hopping on the scales

Needing: A plan to make the most of my days at home

Questioning: If we should stay in Singapore or if returning to New Zealand would be the best option for our family

Smelling: My favourite Silver Birch candle

Wearing: My City Chic black skinny jeans - shame it is too hot to wear them out of the house

Following: A lot of Paleo blogs

Noticing: The more Paleo blogs I read the more I crave carbs

Knowing: Water really is the cure for everything and I need to swim more often

Thinking: That our PM's pony tail obsession is frankly embarrassing

Admiring: The gardener's at Gardens by the Bay who manage to keep tulips alive in 35 degree heat

Sorting: Through the small girl's clothes as she continues to grow out of them 

Getting: Overrun by 60 litre containers full of the small girl's discarded clothes

Bookmarking: A couple of scrapbook sketches - the first time I have considered it in nearly a year

Coveting: A pair of shoes that are not to loose around my heels that are not fit flops or trainers

Disliking: The idea of having a head transplant

Opening: The windows and enjoying the fresh air before haze season begins

Feeling: Very stiff in my neck and shoulders from too much sewing

Snacking: On mangosteens, guava and papaya

Wishing: It was already lunchtime as I am meeting a friend to try one of the top ten coffee places in Sg: Sarnies

Helping: Out in my daughter's class every week and loving it

Hearing: Kim Hill and Kathryn Ryan every day as I get my jobs done - I love Radio New Zealand National and it is nice to feel well informed about what is happening at home

Have a great weekend!


  1. hahaha you probably know more of whats happening in NZ then me....if i miss the news i dont hear anything!!! lol
    great list and im with you on the water place to be ever!!!

    1. I love the water too but not as much as the small girl - she is a total fish and a Pisces to boot. To be fair though I don't know much about what is happening in Singapore... too much news and not enough time!