Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Best Coffees in Singapore

Within a short time of meeting me you will discover that I like coffee a lot. Becoming lactose intolerant has proved a bit of a stumbling block for my flat white loving self but I am learning to embrace soy and the occasional espresso if there is no lactose free alternative on offer.

Recently a local website (City Nomads) came up with their definitive list of the Ten Best Places For Coffee in Singapore. I was very excited to see that the vast majority of those cafes are very close to my house - at least 4 within walking distance. So, I am prepared to take one for the team and try to visit each of the top ten spots over the next few months and see if they measure up.

I mentioned my plan on Facebook and a few friends have expressed an interest in trying out the ten contenders. My former workmates Adeline and Monica met me for lunch and coffee at the sole CBD based cafe, Sarnies. It would be quite easy to miss the cafe( located at 136 Telok Ayer Street) with its very understated signage  on one window but it was already very busy at noon on a Friday.

The cafe operates well into the evening and has three distinct menus for breakfast lunch and dinner. As the name suggests sandwiches are the main attraction along with some lovely salads and the great coffees.

Adeline decided to try the Smoked Kurabuta Ham and Chedder Cheese sandwich and as you can see they are very generous portions. It looked delicious and Adeline managed to polish the entire thing off which was a spectacular effort. 

Monica tried the smoked salmon sandwich. She said it was delicious and kept half to have later in the day as it was such a large portion. Both sandwiches were served on soft sour dough bread although there is a rye option for a small additional cost.

One of the joys of lactose intolerance is bread is a really risky food. I was thrilled to find a dairy free salad on the menu. The Paleo Salad was mainly really beautifully cooked steak on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. The portion of meat was really generous and the dairy free guacamole on the side was worth the price all on its own. 

Adeline and I both had a flat white - hers a standard one and mine a large (and in a takeaway cup) soy variety. The coffee was excellent. The staff knew their stuff and picked me as lactose intolerant after I asked a couple of questions about the menu. Service was quick and friendly which was appreciated as they were very busy in the middle of the Friday lunch rush.

Sarnies have a good simple website which has all their menus and prices listed. I would like to return with the family one weekend morning and try their breakfast options. I will definitely be back as their coffee really is excellent.

If you have any favourite local Singapore coffee spots that did not make the list please let me know as I am always keen to try good coffee. I have already visited another couple of entries on the list so will have some more reviews to share soon.

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