Friday, 9 December 2011

The relief of Christmas Shopping being complete!

I am really pleased that we have got all our presents purchased for family back home in plenty of time. I am going to take some with me and Tet will bring the rest when he arrives on Christmas Eve. I would like to say they are all wrapped and ready but that is a bit too organised. We will hopefully get that done tonight without the helpful  nearly two year old.

I have taken a picture of the finished printers tray Tet and I made for  my Dad for his present. I used an Elle's Studio kit but in the end we barely used the supplies included and relied more on the photos to tell the story. Scarlett is my Dad's only grandchild and they have a really close and special relationship. I am really pleased to have created something that will remind them of this time together. Tet was my right hand measure and cut man. He is way better at getting a straight line from my trimmer than I am. I think I might have to take lessons!

We have been doing some last minute catching up before we go away. We all had dinner with one of the twins (Scarlett's best buddies in the whole world) and their Mum, Lisa. We have hardly seen Lisa as she has recently started her residency to complete her medical training to become a paediatrician. 80 hour weeks and weekly 30 hour shifts which always involve no sleep and often no meal breaks make catching up hard. It was great to eat some sushi and catch up. Lisa is working Christmas so it will be a new experience for her little family having Mummy away on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Please excuse the less than great photo but even at very high ISO these two are just in constant motion! They really do love each other!

I am feeling a little guilty as we got our first Christmas Card today and we have not sent any this year ... I think we got three last year though so I figure it might not be worth the effort - or the stress of going to the post office at this time of year!

I had better get moving and finish packing Scarlett's suitcase and start packing my own - I only get whatever is left of the weight allowance once all her gear is packed. At this rate I will be buying a lot of clothes on holiday!
Happy Friday!


  1. I admire that you have that much done. I haven't bought a thing. I am sooo behind and have no idea how I will get it all done.

  2. I like that tray. I may have to do one for my family in the near future.

    As for packing. Ugh, I hear you. In my pre-baby days I was a minimalist traveler (thank goodness as I don't need too much now). The problem is, I can't figure out how to be minimalist for all my sons needs. The first time we went out of town is was one night and I brought so much stuff for him and he basically dirtied all but one thing and now I'm scared not to overpack! Good luck! (Ann - Travelturtle)

  3. oh Claire - that last photo melt my heart!!

  4. Awww... The last photo is so sweet! Tell me about lining up and cut the exact line with paper trimmer =P