Thursday, 1 December 2011

First of the month

I am not sure if it is just me but December seems to have come around awfully quick this year. I have to admit I find this time of year a little disconcerting when we live away from our families. Either I constantly feel like I am missing something by being away or I am super excited to be heading home.

This year is a heading home year (we get home leave every two years) and we are starting to get very excited. It is going to be a little strange to leave tropical Singapore for quake damaged Christchurch. At least it is Summer though so the weather should be ok.

The Christmas lights here have been fabulous. The theme is blue and silver and they really do look magical. It is times like this that I am so grateful to live in the central city so we can easily walk to see them rather than having to brave the traffic.
 December first brings the start of the December Daily. I spent a wonderful two hours in Starbucks yesterday while Scarlett went to her weekly playgroup. I packed a SC crop bag full of Christmas stickers, chipboards and thickers and sat with my toffee nut frap and worked on my foundation pages. I got up to the 20th which is great as I am only going to Christmas day before swapping to my holiday minibook. I did get some odd looks but it was wonderful with carols playing in the background... I actually felt really in the festive spirit.

To be honest, I have no clue what I will record from today. Our playdate friends are under the weather so we will not be going there. I might just pop down to the shops and take some photos of the decorations to get things started. I had hoped Scarlett might be happier having her photo taken with Father Christmas this year but sadly when we offered her the chance she clung like a limpet. I will try again when we return home but I think the big man in red is just a wee bit frightening for her. As you can see from the Christmas party last year tears were the order of the day!

I thought I might start the monthly task of goal setting on my blog. It always helps to be a little accountable for our actions (or lack there of). This month I would like to:
  • have all our presents bought and wrapped by the end of this weekend
  • survive the flight home with Scarlett without either of us being permanently traumatised
  • keep up with my December Daily and not feel pressure to have the amazing products that I am already seeing online
  • have a proper family holiday between Christmas and New Year where we can introduce Scarlett to some of our favourite places in New Zealand  - namely the MacKenzie Basin, in the central South Island
  • make a good start on a holiday album using the Amy Tangerine mini book
  • not feel guilty about indulging in the wonderful food and wine while I am home - January is a new start
  • create some new Christmas traditions for our family as Scarlett will actually enjoy and start to understand what all the fuss is about this year
Just one or two then! Hopefully I can achieve most of them!

Have you got any goals for December? I would love to hear them.

Here is a photo of Lake Ohau where we hope to spend some time this month from Can you see why I am getting excited?

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