Saturday, 3 December 2011

And still it rains

I know it is the monsoon in Singapore at present. I love the cooler temperatures - 28 as opposed to 34 is a very pleasant improvement. I do not even mind the rain but please let the all day rain stop!

I know I should not grumble. Today was lovely until about three. Currently the lightning and thunder are arriving at the same time and it is happening out both sides of the apartment. I do believe we are in the middle of a storm! Foolishly I left taking photos of my DD and my most recent layout until after we got home from Christmas shopping. The light is nowhere near good enough so I guess I am going to try again tomorrow.

Last night we hit Orchard Road to make some inroads into our Christmas shopping. We managed to buy Scarlett a couple more presents and her best buddies in the whole world had their presents sorted too. We oohed and ahhed at all the lights and monster Christmas trees and had a delicious dinner. We totally wore Scarlett out and she was carried home sleeping in Tet's arms for the first time in a long time.

After gym today we headed to Little India as my sister has specifically asked for some Indian bangles for Christmas. We found those after a lot of hot walking! Good when someone is really specific about what they would like though. We also bought Scarlett's Christmas day dress. I just love it!
Scarlett has slept on both car journeys to and from Little India so Tet is sitting in the car with her till she wakes up. He is playing Angry Birds so they are both happy. Our daughter has never transferred well from the car so we always are prepared with Ipad or magazines for these inevitable breaks. It has given me a chance to blog and to complete Day 2 of my DD. I am very grateful!

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend. My last full one in Singapore before we head home to NZ. I am getting really excited!


  1. Dear Claire,

    That dress is beautiful. I saw that photo of your little girl wearing it for Christmas.

    I have a little girl now and would love to get the dress for her too. If you don't mind my asking, would you be able to share with me re where I may get it from, please?

    Thanks heaps!

    Nurul (nurul @ artisat . Com)

    1. Hi Nurul
      I am wracking my brains. I know I bought it from The Little Wardrobe and I think it was a Jelly the Pug brand dress. their website is

    2. Thanks again, Claire. Unfortunately, they do not have that similar gorgeous kimono-esque style in stock. I will have to do some desk research (aka 'Google') to find it. Been slack, really, even forgot to get my toddler his advent calendar this year and they are sold out!

  2. Hi Claire,
    is The Little Wardrobe a shop in Singapore? I am a S'porean expat living in Malaysia. Fingers crossed, I hope that they still have it and that they can ship it over.

  3. Thanksmuch. For some reason, I cannot continue typing after the message above. Strange. Heh!