Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Life Week 25

I am still fighting the good fight with Project Life. We all love the resulting album and although I am a little behind, I am intent on keeping going and hopefully catching up a little bit over the next few weeks.

For those of you playing at home, you may notice that the date card is for Week 24. My trusty assistant gave me these photos and assured me they were for the next week. Sadly they were not. At least I have a date card for the missing week already done. These photos are all from Week 25 which was the week that Singapore made the news internationally because of the haze.

It really was the only story that week. The air quality was amazingly bad and we were pretty housebound. I am considering doing a little insert with pictures of us all in our masks when we ventured out and about. Watch this space for that!


I could not resist using this label from Amy Tangerine. The grey over a city skyline seemed made for the events of this week.

I think we are at week 33 currently and I have got my photos onto the new computer up to the beginning of this week. My trusty assistant is about to commence a marathon printing session so that I can get caught up before I get still more PL bits and pieces. Becky Higgins keeps releasing so much cute stuff. I am still really excited with the Rain and Honey half kits that I split with my sister but I may or may not have ordered a couple of the new mini kits on the way too.

How is your Project Life going those of you who use this form of memory keeping? Any hot tips for a good catch up strategy?


  1. I'm liking how you accented with the washi tape and speech bubbles!

  2. Oh welcome back to bloggy land :) Your PL spread looks fab!!

  3. Great Pl pages. It must be tough to keep up

  4. Welcome back... Love the pl... Thanks for sharing