Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello Strangers

I feel like there should be tumbleweeds blowing across the screen like in one of those Spaghetti Westerns I grew up watching. I never intended to be off the blog for nearly two months. I never intended to stop creating for nearly two months either but that is the way the cookie has crumbled. I am hoping I get back to normal levels of transmission this week.

There have been a few factors leading to the long silence. We had a wonderful two week trip home to New Zealand. It was just what we needed as a family although much too short. It helped clarify what we really want and need as a family over the next few years but also muddied the waters a little too. We have had major computer issues with our trusty laptop finally giving up the ghost. I am working today on our new touch screen desk top with a 20 inch monitor - a big step up from the little laptop! We have also been dealing with a major dose of the sickies in our house. All three of us have been struck down with a nasty cough and cold that Scarlett picked up at ballet.

The view from the Gondola in Queenstown
I am really looking forward to catching up my Project Life and doing some other creating. I plan to have a crack at some of Shimelle's challenges from last week even though I am too late to join in with the rest of the crew.

How are you all my lovely readers? How have the last couple of months treated you? I would love to hear your news in the comments below. Hope to see you back here tomorrow with a Project Life layout to share.


  1. Love to hear from you again, My blog is deserted now to since I am in hospital after getting a new heart:) waited 19 months for it so I am very happy. Hope you are feeling better soon from the cold.

    1. Hi Cissi! Hope you are recovering well from your major surgery. Lovely to see you on here again. We are all definitely starting to improve. I have been admiring your lovely cards on your blog.