Monday, 27 May 2013

Listmania: Lottery winner

This week is all about what we would do if we won the lottery. After the usual charities and buy a new house what fun things would you buy or do with a great big lottery win?

When I first started all I could think about was travel. Anywhere and everywhere. We would hire a tutor so Miss Three would still be educated but the world would be her classroom. Top of the list would be a couple of years around Europe, spending a month or so in most of the major cities so we could immerse ourselves in the local culture. We would follow that with a long road trip round the States before heading back to Asia to reacquaint ourselves with our favourite food and culture spots.

We would then build a dream style holiday home in the South Island of New Zealand probably in Tekapo or perhaps a little further south.
The view from our last stay in Tekapo
I wouldn't want to never work again so I think we would probably buy a business that hubby and I could work in together. Something with short hours and high enjoyment - maybe craft or hobby related.

I would love to have full time help around the home and especially someone to cook for us - healthy organic food would be nice.

I would buy a pair of mini schnauzers to keep me active and give us some friendly faces to spend time with of an evening.

Oh and the dream home that we would build is this one - with a separate little flat for my dad so he can have our support as he gets older but still have plenty of his own space to enjoy.

I must go and see if we did win Lotto on Saturday!

I am heading off to Home Life Simplified to see how the other contributors are spending their millions.


  1. Nice that your Dad is built into the equation of your dream home. I have my fingers crossed for your lotto win...:)

  2. nice list...and i love that house!!!
    now tekapo....i havent been there since i was a child
    would be getting chilly now~!!!
    snow is on its way!!!

  3. so did you win Saturdays Lotto ? lol love your house to be it's gorgeous

  4. That is a neat home! And you just never know what might happen this Saturday.... :)

  5. A couple of years travel sounds amazing - I only thought to go for a couple of months!

  6. i love your list - everyone is inspiring me with their dreams as well. love that you included getting a business for you and hubby to do together