Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Listmania 35: Five of my favourite places

After bit of a hiatus, I am so pleased to be taking part in Listmania again. My blogging has been, at best, sporadic and at worst, non existent over the past few months but I am doing my best to get back to a place where I am regularly writing and creating.

I had a long think about this when I saw the topic. I have been in the very fortunate position of being both an expat brat and an expat adult and I have travelled quite widely as a result. I did find that three of my places were in my two home countries and the other two are favourite holiday destinations. I guess I am pretty lucky to have been able to live in places that I love.

1. The McKenzie Country region of New Zealand. I cannot get enough of this spot. Some of you will have driven through it on your way to Queenstown or Wanaka but I suggest that you stop and take the time to enjoy this spectacular part of the world. We have spent many happy times as a couple and a family in Twizel, Tekapo and Omarama. If we won Lotto and never had to work again we would seriously consider living here.

A selection of photos from our trips there over the last few years

2. Singapore  I have been fortunate to live here four times throughout my life and although it has its frustrations it is still a city that I am very happy to call home. My daughter was only four months old when we moved here and this is her only home. It is culturally vibrant, constantly changing and a very easy place to live.

A selection of Singapore images

3. Phuket, Thailand  I know it has a reputation  as a tourist trap and there are more remote beaches with fewer people on them in Thailand, but as a place to relax with young children it is hard to beat. We stay away from Patong with all the crazy nightlife and bunk in some of the quieter beaches further north on the coast. The food is incredible, the people are friendly and the beaches are fabulous. I have been visiting Phuket since I was 12 and I am so glad that my daughter loves it just as much as I do.


4.  London I love London even though it is over ten years since I was last there. I know I couldn't live there (the climate is just awful) but as a place to visit it is unparallelled. So much culture, history and excitement around every corner and one of my best friends lives there as well.

5. Christchurch, New Zealand This will always be my home even if I never live there again. The city I grew up in has been erased by the earthquakes but many of the people I love are there and it is a beautiful place.

So there are my favourite places. Sorry for the lack of photos for the latter two. I don't think I even had a camera the last time I was in London and my photos from Christchurch tend to be just family snaps rather than the greater city.

Have you got any favourite places to share? I am always looking for new adventures!


  1. I love that photo of the pancake stand!!
    As for Singapore, if you can't have a good time there, you're doing it wrong. Have you been to the Pinotheque yet (at Fort Canning)? I loved it - such a fresh hanging of great art.

    1. Yes that pancake stand is one of my favourite pictures too. It is such a great illustration of how children will always find a way to play regardless of their religious, language and cultural differences. We ate banana or mango pancakes there every day and they were so delicious. I need to get back there.

  2. so nice to have you back and with such lovely photos - thanks for sharing - i have not been to that part of new zealand but will keep it in mind the next time we go. For Thailand have you been to Hua Hin before - when we lived there it was our favourite getaway from bangkok - just as you described, but less crowded and commercial than phuket. xxx

    1. The McKenzie Country is almost unavoidable if you drive between Queenstown and Christchurch so include those spots in your plans and you will be sure to pass through. I have never been to Hua Hin but some good friends of ours have just moved from KL and Bangkok and they just had a lovely weekend in Hua Hin and it looked amazing. Fingers crossed we will get there early next year.

  3. love the pics of down south....very cool place to live for sure

    and love the pic of S asleep on the lounger too!!!