Friday, 14 June 2013

Quick Update

So sorry for the long period of silence on the blog. It may continue for a little longer I fear.

My Grandad died last week and I made a whirlwind trip (24 hours of flying for 48 hours in Christchurch) home to attend his funeral. It was good to be back and catch up with friends and family but I was shocked to see how much my Nana has deteriorated in the last 18 months. I fear there could be another trip home required before too much longer.

Hubby held the fort spectacularly while I was away in spite of being quite unwell for the last day. Just as everything started to return to normal we received a message from Japan letting us know that a close family friend is not likely to last the week. So hubby is off to Kobe for the weekend this afternoon to catch up with our friend and his wife. It is very sad as he is only 64 and has battled so hard.

Anyhoo the short version is that I am sole parenting for the next few days and Miss Three has no school today which means I have no crafting time until Monday at the absolute earliest. I am feeling a bit jet lagged from the whistle stop trip and the haze has returned to Singapore bringing with it the encouragement for those with young children to remain indoors. Something has to give and I am afraid it is crafting and blogging that have not made the cut. I hope that I will have some new posts up next week.

Thanks for all the kind comments I have received on my most recent posts. I love my readers and their generosity of spirit.

On the bright side, my Simon Says Stamp June/July Kelly Purkey kit has arrived. I am intending to do a blitz on Project Life once my photo printer returns from Japan.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to getting some creative time next week.


  1. oh claire...sorry to hear about your nan xxx
    and yes stay at home eating pop corn and watching movies i say!!!
    you look after you too xxxxx

  2. So sorry to hear this news about your grandparents, Claire. Knowing your Nan is having trouble and that she is now the 'left behind' half of a long-standing couple will be hard for you. My heart goes out to you. Take care.