Sunday, 2 December 2012

Journal Your Christmas : My Christmas Manifesto

I have signed up for Shimelle Laine's Journal Your Christmas class this year and I intend to blog along with a number of the prompts and scrap them as and when I feel the urge. I will definitely be working a day behind at least as I generally do not receive the prompts until quite late in the day due to the time difference involved.

This December I intend to:

  • Believe in the magic
  • See the season through my daughter's eyes
  • Create special memories
  • Embrace the imperfection of the moment
  • Open my heart to the beauty of the season
  • Celebrate what may be our last Singapore Christmas
  • Give to those less fortunate than our family
  • Focus on the family we will be seeing this month rather than on absent friends and family
  • Enjoy a December to remember

Do you have a plan for this month. Please share it in the comments as I would love to see it!

We have been making some progress getting our tree up and decorated.

Someone is pretty excited about the tree!



  1. That is such a cute pic, she looks like she is having so much fun!
    I need to plan out a manifesto too, but I should also actually start on my DD album - oopsie!

  2. I did mine today on my blog! I think I might have to add yours 'embrace the imperfection of the moment' What a lovely concept!

  3. I have started a DD album here you can find my first pages. And it´s in English too.

  4. ohhhhhh that picture of S with the tree is just gorgeous!!!
    love it!!