Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brunettis arrives in Singapore

We have had a very busy Sunday. It was sunny first thing, which is not a given when in the middle of the monsoon, so we got organised and took Scarlett to the Botanic Gardens to burn off some energy. We fed the fish and turtles and had a nice walk through the gardens. 

We headed down the road to Tanglin Mall for breakfast and came across the newly opened Brunettis cafe. This is apparently an institution in Melbourne and after eating breakfast there I can see why. They specialise in baked goods... particularly of the chocolatey, pastry variety. Cabinet after cabinet of all types of delicious treats - salted caramel macaroons, two types of chocolate croissants... fabulous.

We were not there for sweet treats though. Tet ordered the Sicilian Eggs Benedict and I had the Truffled Scrambled Eggs. We both had a flat white and the monkey had a chocolate croissant and a vanilla milkshake. The food was excellent. Scarlett's milkshake and croissant were received immediately upon ordering as were the coffees. The coffee was excellent and not badly priced. The croissant was decadent beyond words. Full of fondanty chocolate and the pastry was light and crispy. Her milkshake was also lovely. 

Sady there was a fairly long wait for the main orders but they were worth it. The truffled eggs were flavoursome and the mushrooms and grilled tomatoes were well cooked. It was served with some crispy bacon and a large slice of toasted farmstyle bread. It was a good sized portion. The eggs were a little more well cooked than I like but that is a small quibble in the overall scheme of things. The eggs bene looked lovely and I can only assume they were as Tet wolfed them down in short order without sharing. They were served on toast with ham and cheese to go with the hollandaise. 

We decided it would be rude to leave without trying some of the pastries. We are working our way through them at home. I will report further when we have tried them all. We were heavily involved in Scarlett wrangling during this meal so no photos I am afraid. I can definitely recommend Brunettis for breakfast as long as you are not in a hurry. I would suggest getting there early though as the cafe was packed by the time we left.

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