Thursday, 18 August 2011

A month of ills and bills

After starting with a hiss and a roar the blog has been sadly neglected. I do have some good excuses though. No really.

My Dad arrived from NZ so we have been doing lots of catching up. I have really enjoyed seeing him and Scarlett build a really close bond. The downside of this is that Dad brought a really nasty ( read lasts for ten plus days) cold with him. He came down with it the daycafter he arrived, then Scarlett caught it and then me. I am still sick which has really just been a jolly nuisance.

We had a great weekend away in Indonesia last weekend and I will post all about that with some photos. That is certainly the first of the bills. The second came when I broke my tooth.

I went to the dentist last night and am halfway through having a crown placed on the tooth. It was a relatively painless process apart from in the picket, $ 1800 plus! Ouch when we have just had two holidays in short succession. No shopping for me for a little while.