Sunday, 31 July 2011

Perfect timing

Our daughter Scarlett is a treasure but her sleep patterns have been wearing us out the last few months. She went from sleeping through the night in her own cot in her own room to waking six times a night and spending most of her nights in our bed.

We finally decided to get serious with her and I started refusing night feeds. It was pretty full on as Scarlett really likes her "boobies" and did not take kindly to being refused. After four nights she stopped asking and we have noticed a big increase in both her interest and intake of food during the day. We were still having her in our bed from about three most mornings.

Last night was the eighth night of the change and it really was D day as Tet is in China from Sunday to v late Wednesday night and I really wanted this issue sorted before it was just me dealing with her. Scarlett must have realized as she slept for eleven and a half hours in her own cot last night. She was still sleeping so deeply that Tet couldn't say goodbye before he left for the airport.

She is in a great mood today but was pretty unhappy about going down for her morning nap. She has been down for thirty minutes now though so fingers crossed she is a happy wee bunny when she wakes!

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