Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Terrible Tuesday Toilet Training Trials

Nothing like a bit of a tongue twistery title on a Tuesday! If only it were funny...

We decided this week might be a good time to have a go at toilet training my daughter. She has been showing equal parts signs of interest and more than a little reluctance to the whole idea. She is fascinated by the toilet and what we are doing while we are there. She was very excited to get some big girl knickers over the weekend. On the other hand she has told us she does not want to stop wearing nappies as she will have to stop playing to use the toilet. I cannot fault her logic.

We had a short trial on Monday after her nap. Two accidents and many sittings on the potty to no avail. Today though was the day! Between her waking up at 6.30 am and 10 am we had five pairs of wet knickers and one dirty pair. After the last one she went into the bedroom and pulled out a nappy and asked me to help her put it on. How could I refuse?

So another epic parenting fail by the SAHM. My friend has twin boys, works 80 hour weeks and they are both daytime trained. There are children who are seven months younger than Scarlett at her pre school who are trained. I am feeling the pressure. The cloth nappies that I was hoping to put away have been pulled back into service. I am not bothering with training pants. If she is wearing nappies she can stick with the cloth ones. I am frustrated and she is unhappy that she cannot wear her knickers anymore. I know that when she is ready it will be painless but I was toilet trained at just on 18 months and Scarlett is nearly 28 months old. She is lucky that her school will allow her to attend in nappies as many do not here. The next school in her educational journey will require her to be fully trained and my concern is that she will miss out because she is not.

My husband thinks I am worrying about nothing and she will be trained soon enough... I will point out that he is not the one doing the cloth nappy washing! At least they look cute!

I am working on three layouts today and hope to have something finished in time to share tomorrow. I am working with a Hambly transparency for the first time and am enjoying the challenge!

So did you find toilet training a delight or diabolical? Any hints or tips? This mummy will try anything once!


  1. We had a lot of false starts with potty training here too. I don't know what or why it clicked, but one day we started with no pants, no underwear, no diapers, nothing on bottom. Just home all day, running around and running in and out of the bathroom every thirty minutes 'to try.' It took two or three days after that first breakthrough day. Good luck! No pressure, your hubby is right! He wore training pants at night for months after that too :p

  2. Don't put pressure on yourself Claire. It will happen when she is ready. I know it can be frustrating. Sending hugs xxx

  3. She'll get there. Just give her time! Love the look of those nappies!

  4. I've had a few 'miss-starts' with my little man, who will be 3 next month!
    I decided that it was better to wait a while, rather than pressure him and myself!
    This week he has started again to tell me when he's had a wee / poo, so I'm hopeful that trying again won't be too far away!
    I might try when the weather gets better here, just letting him run round without a nappy and see if that works?
    Good luck honey, sending you lots of hugs! xxx

  5. Oh my... it must have been 18 years a go that I had to deal with potty training, I really cannot remember much but I studied pedagogics and Nirupama is right here... don't put pressure on it! It's frustrating, I know, but don't get mad and stay relaxed... it will happen, really, it will! (prove? My son is almost 20 and doesn't wear nappies!)

  6. Don't stress about it, I've potty trained a few children whilst working at nursery and potty trained my daughter, the best way I found was to let them get wet and don't get upset :) Encourage, encourage, encourage and show her how proud of her you are for just trying to use the toilet. It will happen!

    Oh and if you have time between potty training I've tagged you in a meme but no pressure, only do it if you have time x

  7. My oldest daughter was nearly potty trained at 19 months but then she started daycare and it was ruined but then at 25 months she didn´t want nappies anymore not even at nights and it worked. My youngest daughter is three and she still wears a nappie, seems like nothing works. It´s like she can´t relax when she sits on the potty.
    Oh well they will learn one day I am sure!

  8. yip dont rush it (sadly that makes it worse)
    we take children often at work so nappies in kindergarten aint a problem for us....and yes they all get there in the end. good luck with this!!!

  9. No pressure, no stress, I agree with everyone up there! Hang in there!

  10. My youngest was 3 years old when he decided he didn't want diapers anymore, and it was just like that, one day, diapers, the other fully trained! She will get there when she is ready, no worries.